The sky outside is dark and menacing, so what better time to think of making soup.  This recipe was published by Woman’s Day in 1991 before chorizo sausage was so readily available.  I think substituting it for the frankfurts would give the soup a lot more flavour and I’d also use fresh potato instead of the tinned Tiny Taters, if you can be bothered peeling and cutting them.  A nice and hearty boost on a cold winter’s day.


Tinned pineapple isn’t used much these days, but it can still be worthwhile when fresh pineapple is out of season.  It’s quite sweet and that can make things with it in a bit too sweet – this pudding breaks that sweetness down with lemon juice though.  Haven’t tried it myself, but I think it could be a good family pudding.


No, this isn’t a recipe for just chocolate macaroons – it’s actually a chocolate dessert with macaroons on top.  It’s a new one to me. It’s cooked in individual souffle dishes with a chocolate crumb base, a rich chocolate/coffee sauce and topped with coconut macaroons.  Definitely one for the chocolate lovers.