I found this recipe the other day in Mum’s collection and thought the name was, frankly, weird – Indonesian Spaghetti.  When you read the actual recipe though, I think it might taste OK, haven’t worked up the courage yet to try it though………………..


  1. Weird but oddly good! My mom used to make this for us every week, she got the recipe from a cook book she borrowed from her British friend. What was the name of the cookbook? Been trying to remake some of the recipes she’d make with my girlfriend, mom forgot it herself :/

    • Great to hear this is something your Mom used to make and that you’re remaking it. I found it as a clipping my Mum kept so I don’t know what cookbook it might have come from originally. The whole reason I started this blog was to share recipes from my Mum’s era and hopefully bring back memories of the food they cooked and we ate. I’m glad that it has done that for you.

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