Thank you to everyone who’s been following BebsRecipeDrawer since I started it              last year. Next week I’m heading off to Europe for a lovely long holiday,                            but I’ll be back in late October with some more of Mum’s recipes.                   Cheers, Lynne


This recipe was published by the Australian Meat Board to promote lamb and Mum would have picked the leaflet up from the counter at her local butcher’s shop.    It’s a recipe I’ve cooked a lot over the years and still do.  You can’t beat a lamb casserole on a cold winter’s night can you?

Rich Irish Stew


I was surprised to find this cutting amongst Mum’s collection as I didn’t realise she had the recipe.  It was a starter I made a lot when I first got married.  I wasn’t much of cook then and this could be prepared beforehand and was easy to make.  It tasted quite good and always seemed to be enjoyed, but it shows how much tastes have changes as I don’t think I’d serve it up to anyone these days.

Sherried Grapefruit


When my children were at school I used to bake a batch of biscuits at least once a week and these were a great favourite.  I must have written this recipe out for Mum grabbing the first bit of paper I could find and used a texta to write with, not a great piece of penmanship.  It comes out of one of my biscuit cookbooks that was published in the 60s, but I made them a lot later than that.  You’ll need 125g of butter.

Almond Crisps


This is a very hearty beef casserole great for these winter nights.  I like the fact that everything is thrown in one dish and you can put it in the oven and forget it for a couple of hours.  The recipe converts to 250g of blade steak, but you could put more in if you want to bulk it up a bit.

All in One Beef Casserole