Back in the 1980s we used to holiday with a group of friends every Easter.  Everyone would take and make dishes which we would all share.  One the the girls made this Tortellini salad, it was the first time we’ve ever tasted tortellini used this way and we all loved it.  When we got home she shared the recipe with all of us.

Tortellini Crop


Salad dressings these days are many and varied.  You can make them yourself or buy them in the supermarket, but in the 1950s you had no choice but to make it yourself.  Mum always had a bottle of homemade mayonnaise in the fridge.  Today this recipe seems a bit mundane, especially with the condensed milk, but it’s part of my family history and I’m guessing lots of others as well.

Mayonnaise Crop



Sorting through Mum’s recipes all last year made me take a look at my own Recipe Folders and I decided that it really was time to update them.  So over the Christmas break I sorted them and put them into new, clean folders.  It took three days of hard work, but the reward was discovering lots of old favorites and especially old recipes passed down from Mum.

These Summer Onions are one of them.  Mum loves onions and these are a version of pickled onions, the big difference is the onions you use.  Salad onions are the best as they are large and have a softer texture.  Also you don’t have to leave them weeks to mature, they can be used the next day. They are great on sandwiches and with cold meat and salads.

Summer Onions Crop As the question marks indicate, you can adjust the sugar and salt to taste and over the years I’ve also added extra spices, just whatever I have in the cupboard.  You really can’t go wrong.